About us

About Us

Computer Land Technologies specializes in technological and IT-related services such as product engineering, warranty management, building cloud, infrastructure, network, etc.
Our company

We run all kinds of IT services that vow your success

Computer Land Technologies, since our establishment in 2008, we have become ICT group of companies and is managed by highly experienced information technology professionals and offers consulting services in specialization of System Integration, IT infrastructure, Cyber Security, Smart Technology and Digital transformation.

We invest in new solutions and acquisitions, build our capabilities, and develop our teams to ensure that Computer Land Technologies is well positioned to help clients explore the vast opportunity and deliver on the potential of this new digital business and technology transformation.

Computer Land Technologies takes customers’ business needs and user experience seriously, placing them at the heart of our corporate strategy. Constant innovation and commitment to creating value for our customers helps them achieve sustainable growth.

We excel in delivering optimal solutions.

Infrastructure Integration Technology
At Mitech, we have a holistic and integrated approach towards core modernization to experience technological evolution.
IT Support Management
Our service offerings enhance customer experience throughout secure & highly functional IT Support Management.
Product Solution
Develop and propose product improvements through periodical and accurate testing, repairing & refining every version.
Smart Technology
It's more than a responsibility but a guarantee from us to gain customer trust with highly reliable quality control system.
Highly Professional Staffs
Having obtained the official & formal training in IT technology and technical fields, our staffs know more than what they show.
Information Security Management
Information security has been a rising issue lately due to a series of scandals from big companies, rest assured, we're here.

Our Customers

Over the years, our team’s and business expertise in marketing and deploying IT solutions have been more than thousand’s organization in different industries.