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Computer Land Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CLM) 200801029498 (1007838-K), CLM will deliver a vast array of technology solutions to our customers. These offer­ings will span all aspects of technology development, deployment, and admin­istration, to address the broadest range of business requirements.

Modern Work

Connect ideas
Connect ideas
Consider this app a platform for connecting people from everywhere based on their preferences.
Make schedules
Make schedules
An app that is designed for making plans, writing notes, record ideas and remind of your schedules.
Manage time
Manage time
Controlling your daily tasks, assign and discuss on projects, checking deadlines and set time to relax.
Working mobile
Working mobile
It's easy to switch between different devices while keeping your data safe with secure login.

Modern Data Infrastructure

Modern Data Infrastructure
Having a modern data infrastructure is essential for organizations to efficiently and effectively manage and leverage their data
Work and innovate everywhere
The move towards working from anywhere has ignited creativity and instigated innovation.
Unleash innovation with multicloud by design
Multicloud brings access to the best-in-class capabilities you need to streamline innovation, create competitive advantage and build resilience for the future.
Simplify your edge to generate more value
Better experiences. Smarter products. More secure. Design a unified approach at the edge to transform data into innovation opportunities.
Fortify with modern security
To innovate, you need confidence that your data and applications are secure and protected.